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About Yvette

"I weave together the Many Ways of Knowing and appreciate the offerings of Yielbongura, a Dagara word that means 'the thing that knowledge can't eat and the categorization of knowledge humans apply to everything. There is no difference between the spiritual and material world, the religious or secular world. (Malidoma Patrice Somé )​. I draw upon wisdom and teachings from all that surrounds me, including but not limited to what exists in material and dream worlds, nature, music, poetry, movement, and the many faiths of the world".


Spiritual Companion Ritualist

Yvette McDonnell, M.Ed, MASC

Founder & Owner of Soul Tapestry, LLC

How Spirit Invites Me In

I am the actualization of my ancestor's dreams. My spiritual formation is rooted in African Diasporic spirituality woven into my cultural identity as a Black American woman. I am rooted in Earth-based and Ancestral ways of knowing and guided by a Goddess with a thousand names.

My initiation as a Spiritual Companion Ritualist is layered and complex. I began my journey before I arrived to this material world and have always walked this path as a healer, a guide, a seeker, and an intuitive. I have many names worldwide: Curandera, Rootwoman, Sage, Seer, Wise Women, and in some places, I need no name at all. My gifts have been affirmed, nurtured, and trusted.

I listen to messages on the wind while I move with the rhythm of nature, dance to embody what is holy, and make space for the silence of deep breathing and prayers. I am connected to understanding that there are many ways of knowing and being in the world. 

Peek Into My Basket

Examples of Tools of the Trade

As a Spiritual Companion Ritualist, I use various tools with seekers in person or via Zoom to assist them with their journey of connecting, opening, centering, and being. My spiritual companion tools ground me as a practitioner and offer many ways to connect to and with the dream world, ancestors, the divine, and so much more. They are my companions and support the work I do.

Training & Education

The many threads of my life's experiences have brought me to this moment, this space, and this celebration of who I am and how I show up in the world with my many gifts. My training and education can not only be summed up with certificates and degrees but hallmarks that can not be classified into this or that but more of tears and wounds that have healed, wounds that are still healing while learning to sit in the unknown. I am a work in progress, a seeker who recognizes that life's lessons can come in many shapes and forms and from many places and beings. I am committed to the many ways of knowing and growing.  

Starr King School of the Ministry; Oakland, CA 

Master of Arts-Social Change

Concentrations: Multi-Religious and Chaplaincy Studies


Sankofa Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) 1-Unit & WholeHeart Inc.

400 Hours of Interfaith, Spiritual/Secular didactic, theoretical, crisis management, and discernment counseling


University of Connecticut; Storrs, CT 

Master of Arts in Education-Student Affairs

Concentration: in Multiculturalism and Diversity


University of Connecticut; Storrs, CT 

Bachelor of Arts-Lusophone Studies

Over 20 years of herbal study with a 9 month apprenticeship

Over 20 years of Professional Belly Dance Instruction & Performance

Pre-Natal Yoga Training

Yoga Dance Training and Certificate Completion

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