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How We Journey & Ethics

Navigating in Woods

How We Journey


Soul Tapestry, LLC is rooted in working with those seeking a Companion Ritualist rooted in African Diasporic, Ancestral, Earth-based practices. Our soul work is centered on working with historically marginalized groups: women, BIPOC folx, and LGBTQ+   communities. 


  • We work from a cultural humility framework.​

  • We work with you to create rituals that will guide, protect, celebrate, and grieve life's many pieces.​

  • ​Our spiritual care approach is centered on love, healing, and an intuitive knowledge of ancestral wisdom that recognizes the many ways of knowing in the world.​  ​


  • ​We accompany you as you discern life's hard questions, ponder great curiosities, and to help you lean into your growing edges.

  • We intentionally move slowly and savor each moment so integrated awareness can be brought into our lives. 


We adhere to the Spiritual Directors International (SDI) Guidelines for Ethical Conduct. Please visit  for more information.​


Spiritual Companioning is not therapy, and Yvette T. McDonnell, and Soul Tapestry LLC. are not therapists. 

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